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Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Much like our friends in the auto industry who have given their employees upwards of three weeks unpaid vacation for the holidays to try and save their tuchases from bankruptcy, the esteemed contributors to this blog were delighted (okay, we were delighted–auto workers are probably not so much excited about their break) to receive a whole heck of a lot of time off for the holidays–so don’t be disappointed when you find a cold, lonley, un-updated little blog on this year’s Christmas. However, rejoice in knowing that Uncle Lumpy–and maybe even the Big 3–may rebound in the Spring Semester.

From everyone at Uncle Lumpy, Happy Holidays & New Year!


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

To all my fellow Lumpers–congratcha’lashuns ya’ll, a job weeell done! The presentations were phenomenal and the pancakes, OH THOSE PANCAKES, I could’ve eaten the chocolate right off of a hundrrrrd o’ more! I have really appreciated both the venue of class and the online blog; each was very insightful in both feedback and discussions.  I think this is a valuable resource that should be passed to the next generation of Lumpers to come!  We should probably recommend the chocolate pancakes as well.

Here’s To You

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

I often find that many underestimate the hard work and exhaustive time artists put into their work, and so to counter this I pledge this.
Here’s to you artists of all ages, sizes, and experiences.  Here’s to the blistered hands, the sore muscles, the headaches from all the fumes, the ringing in the ears from the power tools.  Here’s to the hours upon hours spent on a single line, which can be erased in a matter of seconds.  Here’s to being strong and constantly taking the criticisms of others, the worst of whom is often yourself.  Here’s to you standing out from the crowd, and taking that risk to create something exciting and new.  Here’s to the hundreds of failures it took to get to the one success.  Here’s to you.  All of these things are recognized and appreciated.  And so to all of you, Uncle Lumpy says keep at it.  Keep making art, it is all worth it.

lab 307

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

check out what’s going on down in Richmond:

And our own alumn, Debbie Yarrington is at Liberty Town on Friday