The Archie Bray Foundation of Ceramic Arts

The Archie Bray Foundation of Ceramic Arts is located in Helena, Montana. The artist residencies range from two months to two years. Diversity of the work is extremely important to the Archie Bray Foundation. The Foundation also offers classes to the public, and has several visiting artists periodically visit for workshops. There is very limited guidance or rules for residencies, there are no critiques or syllabi. It offers the Voulkos Fellowship, named after Peter Voulkos, who began his career there. Wayne Higby, another famous ceramist, won this fellowship in 2009. Applications are due March 1st to become a resident artist. Once accepted, artists must make their own living arrangements, but to have the finances to support themselves, they can sell their work in the Bray Galleries or the Foundation offers part-times jobs as well.

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