The Elsewhere Museum


The Elsewhere Museum is located in Greensboro, NC, and is not what one would consider a typical museum. The museum is a “living museum”, it is created by artists that work from the contents of the original stock surplus store. The “museum” holds years of objects, from the former owner and collector Sylvia Gray. Objects include stock surplus fabric, clothing, and thrift store items such as toys, books, housewares, and knick- knacks

The large amount of stuff that has been collected in the store inspired Sylvia’s grandson, George Scheer, to recruit fellow artists to reorganize Sylvia’s collection after her death in 1997. As excavation of the store took form local support increased and the artist residency program expanded. And thus, the living museum was created by a collaborating community of artists.

Everyday the artists within the museum discover new objects that reflect Sylvia’s life and mind. Elsewhere combines the story of Sylvia taken form her amazing collection, with the continual creation of an art production space and museum.

Taken from the Elsewhere website, here is their description of the residencies offered:

“Elsewhere’s residency program invites emerging and established artists and scholars to create site-specific works using the plethora of objects and dynamic spaces as materials for works or as a foundation for conceptual or technological projects. Residents launch projects from within the theoretical framework of an evolving exhibition of objects and artworks across media, composing an experimental museum rethinking the premise of the collector and collection, questions of history and myth, the stasis of the art object, the role of the artist, and the relationship of process within production.”

Elsewhere offers an alternative to the typical museum and gallery space residency. For example, while artists are given complete control over their individual work for the time of their stay, all of the work created in the space stays in the space. After an artist has finished their residency, new artists collaboratively build upon others’ visions in response to the developing installation.

In the The residents are encouraged to spend one month creating in the space.  No proposals are requested.  Instead, they ask artists to draw their ideas from the space itself, its resources, and the  arrangements and organizations that interweave resource, artwork, and collaborative artistic response.

Here are some of the specifics about residency prices etc, from the site:

The Residents pay a $200 residency fee and $50 deposit to hold space upon acceptance of invitation. Residents are required to fund their own travel, although Elsewhere, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, can assist artists with granting opportunities.  Collaborative or collective groups are encouraged to apply.  Shorter residencies and student-residencies are available.

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