The Mattress Factory

I am interested in the Mattress Factory because I might one day be living in Pittsburgh and I wanted something realistic. This however, is not the only reason why I am interested in their residency program. The residencies range from one week to two months and I wouldn’t have to make a commitment to be there longer than that. Also, it  they provided materials that would be hard to collect by one’s self such as  ” human hair” and awesome on site professionals such as carpenters that could help do tasks that I do not yet know how to do. Thirdly, the residency program seems all inclusive such as air fare etc.

Lastly, well renowned artists have exhibited here, artists such as Yayoi Kusama. I am inspired by her work because like her, I am drawn to mirrors, and  inspired by her story of how she lives by choice in a psychiatric hospital in Tokyo. This  shows how much she is committed. ” All of her work has come from a waking vision in which she sat at a table covered with a floral tablecloth, in a room covered with floral wallpaper, and saw that her hands, too, were covered with flowers.”

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