THe MAttress FActory

This is an excellent space to work if you’re geared more towards installation-type pieces. However, there is a disclaimer: pieces must be site-specific. Finished pieces are exhibited at the end of the work period for 6 months, and then afterwards, it’s taken down and the studio space is returned to its original condition. The fun part about this place is that you set the amount of time that you’d like to work there…artists work anywhere from a couple of weeks to a a couple of months. (Apparently most artists are there for 3-4 weeks.) They provide you with professionals to help with the installation processes, such as carpenters, welders, plaster-workers, etc. They’ll also help you locate materials! So, here is the list of support provided by the Residency Program:

  • Air transportation to and from Pittsburgh
  • Housing, per diem and local transportation
  • All materials and equipment
  • Curatorial support to identify and secure all materials
  • Skilled and unskilled labor during the installation process
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Documentation
  • An opening reception to present the exhibition to the public
  • Honorarium

This is what the building looks like:


Also, (they say they’re not accepting applications right now, but here it is anyway) this is the application to apply for the residency.

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