The Fabric Workshop & Museum

Tired of seein’ the same ole artwerk over & over agein?  I shure am.  It all made mur sense to lil’ ole me when I founded upon this here Fabric Workshop & Museum.  The FWM (as they calls it) is the only non-profit in Emerica that focuses on new work from new material.  They started this here place in 1977 with the goal to “promote design excellence in everyday objects”.  Its orgins started in exploring silkscreening on fabric.  Now, there are not limits to the experimentations that take place in this heres factory.  They gots paintin’, sculpture, architecture & designin’, conceptual & installation art, performance an’ video art!  They house residents that werk with painters & techician artists willing to teach new techniques, materials & resouces that allows residents to realize projects that would not have been otherwise possible.  They even gots themselves a musaum of over 5,500 werks made by all their past residencies.  Now all I’s gots to do is get myself a residency at this here place and I’ll be set!  Of course when I was Mary Pickford, I would have to just bat my eyelashes or cut my hair and then I’d travels to Philadelphia…

Till next time,


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