Mattress Magic



I just like the environment created in these rooms!  I wanna be a part of it!

Look at this!  It looks like something out of the Matrix!  This installation is called Ships, Chips, and the Stack of Documents by the artists Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua.  Man, I bet the creators of Stargate would love to see this!  I could spend a few hours in here taking in all the gadgets and switches and Hyperdrive engagers.  I don’t think there is any doubt I could steer this ship.  If no one was looking I would fly that S.O.B. right out of the Mattress Factory and straight out of Pittsburgh.  I would fly it home and land it in the park.

Seriously though, I am really getting into sculpture and the Mattress Factory is the Ritz!  The staff pretty much is tailored to follow the artists’ biddings MWAHAHAHA!  You also get per diem which totally sweet.

Yours truly,

Ken Balls

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