Interdisciplinary Work at Yaddo

One artist community that caught my eye was Yaddo, a 400-acre facility located in Saratoga Springs, New York. The admissions panel requires artists to be at a “professional level” within their chosen field, but I see no problem there–we’re all working towards that goal.

In any case. The facility is gorgeous, like something out of a Victorian novel (complete with gardens).pergola2-400

Except, you know. In New York. You get the picture.

…Look, Edgar Allen Poe visited. Well, he visited a part of the facility that was once a tavern. One time. Not that I believe in anything so illogical as the mystical creative power of place (yes, the website says that), but the history of the area is pretty cool, mystic creative juice or no.

In any case, the real kicker is that Yaddo isn’t just painters or sculptors. They accept applications in a broad range of creative fields, including film, performance art, choreography, and literature. Unfortunately, you can only apply for admission based on one category at a time, but there’s nothing to say that an artist couldn’t write while she was there. Or that she couldn’t observe or collaborate with other members of the community–in fact, Yaddo allows for collaborative applications covering two or three artists at once. Vulcan mind-meld, anyone?

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