Tea Is Not Just For Grandma Anymore

Tea is often associated with the elderly, or maybe royal family, drinking hot tea while sitting in a rocking chair in a robe and slippers.  However artists have been taking the teapot, and thus the image of a “tea drinker” to the next level.  One such artist is Gerard Justin Ferrari, who created a series of rather unusual teapots called Orphaned Teapots (2003-present).  Working in terra cotta, Ferrari created “an amalgamation of biology, mechanics, and technology”, which was influenced by the question of how life will be seen in the future.  The current relationship between humanity and technology is recognized and and further dissected.  Tromp-l’oeil rusted surfaces develop nature’s reclaiming of the objects which humanity has thrown away, or orphaned.  Below are some his creations, for more go to http://www.gerardferrari.com/teapotcatalog.html

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