Miquel Barcelo, a native from the Spanish Island of Majorca, recently completed his execution of the ceiling in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Chamber in the U.N. near Lake Geneva. Barcelo has turned the dome of the chamber in to a cave-like atmosphere complete with stalagtites of multiple colors. The project was meant to represent our known world with all its complexities, richness and diversity. His inspiration derived from a hot day in the Sahel region in Africa saying “I remember with the vividness of a mirage the image of the world dripping towards the sky”. The project was said to have used hundreds of tons of paint in order to complete it. Despite the beauty that the finished ceiling holds, the methods for completion have come in to play through controversy. Once it became better know that the price of the project took on a whopping 25.25 million dollars, U.N. authorities became rather coy. The large sum of money was given to Barcelo from a couple sources, one being the ONUART foundation, and the other contribution came from the Spanish government. “The Spanish Government’s contribution drew partly on its development aid budget which lead politicians to wonder whether the money could have been better spent helping the sick and hungry.” For me the project raises issues of how far an artist should go to get their ideas created, and more importantly if it is ever that necessary for that amount of money to be spent on the creation of something non-functional.

2 Responses to “U.N.believable”

  1. Earnest Ernst Says:

    It is pretty unbelievable. I wonder what the mark-up on the project was, like exactly how much money went to the artist versus the construction cost.

  2. Mintee Fresch Says:

    I also wonder where the money for medical treatment will come from when one of those formations falls from the ceiling and impales someone.