A Whole New Spin…And Speed…On Art

Sometimes people believe that masterpieces take time, patience, and detail.  However, this is not always the case.  Art and masterpieces come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and speeds.  Take a look at this video of Denny Dent painting Jimi Hendrix on a wall in what seems to be an alley-way type location.  Watch, and appreciate the diversity of art. Jimi Hendrix live painting by Denny Dent

Are you intrigued and want to know more about the artist known as the “rock and roll painter”?

Armed with three brushes in each hand, Dent paints a portrait of a musician during a short selection of one of his or her songs.  His unique painting ways and “Two-Fisted Art Attacks”, as they are called, have reached not only the music world, but the sports and even political world as well.  While Dent died in 2004, his face and impact on the art and music world is unforgettable.  Perhaps the one quote which sums up Dent as an artist and person is this:

“It’s not what you do, it’s the way you do it that makes you an artist. Whatever you do… do it with all your heart. Be what you are… Be creative!”


One Response to “A Whole New Spin…And Speed…On Art”

  1. Reverend Says:

    That speed Hendrix painting is amazing. The way he throws the red paint above his head towards the end is the climax for me, almost like watching both Hendrix (or what I imagine a performance of Hendrix would be like) and the artist perform–with the blood red sweat flying off their brows.