Featured Artist of the Week- Niki de Saint Phalle

Niki de Saint Phalle is a French sculpture and painter. As a teen fashion model, Niki began teaching herself how to paint. After moving to Spain years later, she was inspired by Antonio Gaudi, who opened her eyes to using diverse material as structural elements in sculpture. de Saint Phalle became known for her “shooting paintings,” in which she would lay paint containers onto a wooden base board and then cover them in plaster. She would then shoot at the paint containers with a rifle, hitting the containers and causing them to spill their contents. de Saint Phalle traveled the world demonstrating this new “painting style.” In 1963, she stopped making “shooting paintings,” and began making “Nanas.” Nanas were freely posed forms, made of papier-mache, yarn and cloth and explored the various roles of woman. de Saint Phalle has many of her large sculptures in public places and in museums around the world.


Nanas, In Hanover                                                La Sirene, In Paris


Shooting Picture,1961        de Saint Phalle demonstrating her shooting painting

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