Stone Extraordinaire, Lew French

Born in Minnesota, in a small farming town, Lew French began working with stone at the age of 19. Little did he know that thirty odd years later he is would be known as the master of stone building, nay, stone art! After moving out to Martha’s Vineyard twenty years ago he has worked on his creations exclusively since. Lew has created fireplaces, interiors, water features and visual art using stone. To create his works, Lew personally collects thousands of stones, all with specific characteristics, and ultimately, without alterations, fits every piece together so perfectly that a nickel cannot fit through the cracks. His works take on serious time commitments, but the results are jaw-dropping. Lew French on top of being an artistic genius has written a book entitled “Stone by Design”, which hit the best seller list at Barnes and Noble.

One Response to “Stone Extraordinaire, Lew French”

  1. Greg Reed Brown Says:

    Lew is an incredible artist! I added a link on my website to his website just last night. I’ve worked stone for almost 17 years now and I’ve never seen such exquisite work. I am inspired by his creativity and craftmanship!