Recipe for an Artist

Here’s the dealio y’all.  All these recipes for pancakes and not a durned one for an artist! Now Uncle Lumpy may be wrinkled and his teeth count now somewhere in the single digits but, by lordy loooohoo, he still knows a thing or too about creatin’ an artist!  So all you youngins out there hear this! The recipe is clear and simple.  Step one: Go on an adventure.  The adventure need not be all crazy and money gobblin’ and such, just a simple old fashioned adventure through a stream or through your closet, or through the neighbors trash.  Step two: record your adventure.  This step is dang easy as a pumpkin fritter!  Alls ya have to do is somehow translate yer adventure into a legible/tactile/etc. expression!  Draw your reactions, paint what you see, compose what you hear, heck, roll around and bring into class what yer smellin’!!  Just remember to get out there and expose yourself to the entire world!!!!! You know what I mean.

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