The Torpedo Factory

There are many wonderful galleries within a reasonable driving distance from Mary Washington, but if you want a real chance to see how artists work and be able to talk to an artist whose work you love, why not venture out to a group of artist studios?

Artcase at the Torpedo Factory

"Art"case at the Torpedo Factory

The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia, originaly an actual torpedo factory during the war, was converted to a collection of 82 Artist studios and 6 galleries spread out across three floors. It is open from 10-6 daily, although individual studio and gallery hours may vary and the admission is free! You can get to the art center from the metro, car or even water taxi. The Torpedo Factory Art Center also offers a variety of art classes for adults and children alike in many different mediums.

Outside view of the Torpedo Factory

Outside view of the Torpedo Factory

Presently the Torpedo Factory has the exhibit “A Comminuty Digs Its Past: The Lee Street Sight” at the Alexandria Archaeology Museum on the third floor of the Factory.

There are many talented artist who work in a variety of mediums, but a personal favorite of mine is Robert Rosselle in studio 311 who creates ceramic vase-like structures through which an observer must look to view the wonderful fantasy lands he creates.

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