Inviting the Disgusting Into Your Life

Here’s the deal.  When standing above a clogged kitchen sink, reach down and pick out the smushy, mushy food remnants creating the problem.  However, instead of the usual “this is frickin’ gross!” stop and go with the flow.  Ah, what lovely texture and variety this new substance offers- a completely uninhibited tactile experience!  Feast your eyes on the delights of roadkill and keep that old banana peel in your room just one day longer.  And after awhile the sight of teeth and bones or the smell of old fruit may appear a little more intriguing.

3 Responses to “Inviting the Disgusting Into Your Life”

  1. Mike Isaacson Says:

    What about cutting out the middle man (time) and just going dumpster diving?

  2. Earnest Ernst Says:

    I’m not too sure how much sense that comment makes (dumpster diving).

  3. Mooshoe2 Says:

    Without time you lose the chance to experience the process. This is also for people who may not quite gumption to just jump in. But literally it looks as if you are willing to do just this! More power to you- may well all have your guts! (ps. have you tried this tactic? it would be interesting to have your feedback on the experience, no?)