Oofus, Sunny, and Long Tail Dexter Face Review

This article reviews Ken Price’s exhibition at Matthew Marks in New York City. His pieces embody a sci-fi characteristic in the way they are shaped and painted. In addition to their individual characters and personality, established by their positioning and form, Price gives his pieces names as their titles, such as Oofus, Sonny, and Long Tail Dexter. These pieces mimic living organisms while being limited to the laws of gravity in their blob-like appearance. The weighty, sagging aspect suggests an erotic undertone resembling parts of the human body. Koplos describes Price’s painting process as repetitive that not only leaves no hint of his touch, but emphasizes the form and character of the piece. Koplos writes about Price’s exhibition, saying that he has found a style of his own that allows his forms to be what they are, without reasoning or identification.

Art in America

Volume: 92

Issue: 4

Date: April 2004

Pages: 124-125

Author: Janet Koplos

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