Drawing vs. Painting

In the art world, drawing used to be seen as only a preliminary for other artistic mediums such as painting. In time drawing came into its own as an established and legitimate medium and now the real question is, which one is better?

Well, let’s face it. You just can’t do art without getting dirty. I know I sure can’t. Part of getting into your art is really getting into it… literally… which tends to lead to whatever medium you’re using ending up all over you. You leave from sculpture and your classmates all think you don’t wash your clothes because you have plaster all over your pants from sitting on the floor. In Drawing you’re washing your hands, make that arms, all the way up to your shoulders because the charcoal drawing you’re working on is slowly covering you in a grey fog. After painting you realize that despite how careful you were, you still managed to paint splotches all over your shirt.

Sure you can rush over to the sink and rub some soap on the oil paint stain to prevent it from drying until you throw it in the wash, but sometimes that doesn’t always work now does it? Most often the stain is at the very least still partially there and pretty soon you can’t find one piece of clothing in your closet with out a bothersome paint stain on it. What on earth is going on with these oil paints? Are they trying to be spiteful? Do they have a grudge against us? A grudge that makes them seek revenge by taking as long as possible to dry thus preventing our inevitable procrastination as college students? Unfortunately I doubt we will ever know their true intentions.

So if oils are a pain just switch to acrylic, you say? Yes! Brilliant! What a great idea! They will wash out of your clothes and they’ll even dry faster! Except wait, what is this? A brushstroke I did a minute ago and it’s ALREADY DRY?!! How did this happen? I know you wanted to beat oils in the drying time race, but now it’s impossible to blend you! Le sigh.

By now I think you can see where I’m going with this.  So far it’s: Drawing: 2, Painting: 0.

However that score isn’t final, so let me know your thoughts and I’ll keep this tally going!

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