The Death of Articles on Jasper Johns

by Jade F. Angler

In researching for this abstract, the most recent article worth reading, besides reviews of shows, was one from 2002. Has the world suddenly forgotten about Jasper Johns? Is Flag no longer relevant to the modern day artist?

Marcel Duchamps Tu m

Marcel Duchamp's Tu m'

While Jasper Johns’ According to What and Marcel Duchamp’s Tu m’ have been compared before, Wallace explores deeper connections between Duchamp and Johns’ works and their relationship to the death of painting as well as each other. Both pieces are essentially accounts of Duchamp and Johns at crossroads in their lives as they deal with their own histories in painting as they collide with the history of painting itself. According to What further served to open up the lines of communication about the connection between painting and readymades which was originally stirred up by Johns’ Flag through which he shows that works of modernists and readymades are one and the same. Johns seeks to revisit Duchamp’s death of painting theme by not only recreating this theme, but by re-envisioning it and referencing authorship and originality; two of the most important topics of readymade art. Ultimately though, Johns is able to reach beyond the clich├ęd metaphors Duchamp employs and faces the reality that the picture plane is no longer a unified ideal.

Jasper Johns' According to What

Title: “From Painting’s Death to the Death in Painting, or what jasper johns found in marcel duchamp’s tu m’/tomb

Personal Author: Isabel Wallace

Journal Name: Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities

Source: Angelaki v. 7 no. 1 (april 2002) p.133-156

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