Cracking walls expose Gold-sworthy

A year ago at the Galerie Lelong, Andy Goldsworthy slathered four walls of a conventional gallery space with a thick layer of mud and let the elements take their natural course. The installment, titled White Walls, which took on aspects of performance art, began to crack and peel off the walls within hours and even more so within a few days. Goldsworthy’s piece attempted to draw a bridge between the artist and the artwork. It brought to life questions of when a piece of artwork actually begins and ends, or if there ever truly is a beginning or an ending. The piece formed a life of its own, bringing to the light yet another question of how much of the artist is actually present, and does that presence, or lack of presence still create art. Goldsworthy continues to astonish his viewers by seamlessly melting together natural elements with a twist of man made genius.

Art News

Volume 106

September 2007

Page 148

Eric Bryant

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