Audrey Flack Abstrack

Audrey Flack. By: Nadelman, Cynthia. Sep2002, Vol. 101 Issue 8, p155, 0p, 1 color.

Abstract: Review of Audrey Flack exhibition of life drawings and plein air watercolors at the Bernarducci.Meisel gallery in New York City. The works depict nude, female models outdoors in Flack’s typically rich, over-the-top style in terms of the use and application of color and the exaggeration and hyper-feminization of the subjects’ features. However, “the models are not presented as objects of desire, but individuals displaying their desires.” An example, Cindy With Black Lace, 2001, mixed media 19”x 24” depicts a contemplative blond model in make-up and polished nails reclining in lace underwear. Produced shortly after 9-11, Flack reacts to the chaos around her by depicting—in contrast to other works in her oeuvre—an atypically safe and predictable world. Works in the series were produced in charcoal, and white and colored chalks on various types of paper.

-Ernest Ernst

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